I Write Stuff

I write for the teen in all of us, or at least the teen in me. These are the books I would have wanted to read as a teenager.

They’re occassionally angsty and dark, often silly, and regularly full of younguns doing stuff their not supposed to. I want to represent the experience of your run of the mill, middle class kids. They might not always be life and death, but hopefully, they’re always entertaining.

I’m on the quest for publication, but until that happens, here are the stories I have to offer. Click on a title below to be linked to the novel (or at least what’s complete).

I welcome feedback. If you have something to say about a chapter/novel, please scroll down to the bottom of the screen and leave a comment.

Desperately Waiting

The Drummond Chronicles


Going Through the Motions


Letters from Nowhere


4 thoughts on “I Write Stuff

    • I’m moving books over as I have a chance to review and seriously edit/revise them. I’ve hit a bit of a block with Quick Silver. I’m just not sure where it’s going. I haven’t actually looked at it in over a year. But I will give it another go and see if time has given me some insight. Knowing someone is interested in reading it moves it up the list though.

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