Desperately Waiting

Update complete December 2014. Newest version uploaded. Enjoy!

This is a story of wanting. Wanting so intense that you’ll hide everything you are.

That’s what’s happening for Quinn and Stevie. They can’t face the stigma in their small Alberta town, so they try to wait until they’re free of the confines and small minds. But when Stevie decides she’s had enough and the results are a vicious beating, Quinn must find it within herself to stop waiting and admit what she really wants.

Chapter List

Chapter 1 – Basketball Clones and Punk Rock Drones

Chapter 2 – Pants on Fire

Chapter 3 – For the Love of John Hughes

Chapter 4 – Romancing the Popcorn

Chapter 5 – Leftover Demons

Chapter 6 – How Vincent Price Changed the World

Chapter 7 – Bush Parties and Bad Decisions

Chapter 8 – Bedroom Confessions

Chapter 9 – Roosters and Revelations

Chapter 10 – A Summer Orientation

Chapter 11 – Power Corrupts Absolutely

Chapter 12 – Burnt Bridges

Chapter 13 – Practise Makes Awkward

Chapter 14 – A Proper Upstanding Citizen

Chapter 15 – Fight or Flight

Chapter 16 – I Think We Need to Talk

Chapter 17 – Sowing the Seeds

Chapter 18 – No Visitors

Chapter 19 – Feel It Too

Chapter 20 – Packaging

Chapter 21 – The One Who Got Away

Chapter 22 – What If I Lose You?

Chapter 23 – The Other Woman

Chapter 24 – The Facts of Life

Chapter 25 – Home Again, Home Again


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