The Drummond Chronicles: Book 1 – Until It Breaks

Danni and her friends at Drummond have been best friends for most of their lives. They all know the rules – best friends take care of each other. And they never let a boy come between them, no matter what. So when Carver James moves to town and Danni and Cordelia both fall for him, they’re friendship is challenged in a way they never would have predicted. He’s definitely interested in one of them, but which one? And when a choice is finally made, will the girls be able to maintain their friendship, or will this decision irreparably fracture their friendship?

Chapter List

Chapter 1: The Knower of Things
Chapter 2: Cheeseless Pizza of Love
Chapter 3: Big Girl Games
Chapter 4: Delusions and Secrets
Chapter 5: The Distance of Friendship
Chapter 6: Don’t Baby Me
Chapter 7: On the Edge
Chapter 8: Powerfully Polite
Chapter 9: I Never… Except That One Time
Chapter 10: Sight Unseen
Chapter 11: The Wronged Party
Chapter 12: Not So Favourable Arrangements
Chapter 13: Puppet Strings
Chapter 14: First Times
Chapter 15: Balance of Power
Chapter 16: A Hard Pill to Swallow
Chapter 17: Princess of Disappointment
Chapter 18: Into the Woods
Chapter 19: Written in Her Skin
Chapter 20: Life Lessons
Chapter 21: Freedom Fight
Chapter 22: Blast From the Past
Chapter 23: Fitting In
Chapter 24: Every Single Time


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