D is a Traveler. Working from a central commune, she travels to specified planets at pre-determined moments in time to interfere with the fate of one person’s life. To ensure that they do not fulfill their destiny. D loves her work, but recently, the job hasn’t been as satisfying as it used to be.
A Traveler never interferes with the same life more than once. But now D has been asked to return to a life she’s already saved once. To step in and do it again. The more she digs, the more she wonders if she’s doing the right thing. Have her actions been the cause of more pain and agony? Is it time to step up and question or just do the job?



Chapter 1: The Commune

Chapter 2: D is for Davie

Chapter 3: Out WIth the Old

Chapter 4: Don’t FIght

Chapter 5: Birdsong

Chapter 6: In Hiding

Chapter 7: Sleep Interrupted

Chapter 8: Caged

Chapter 9: Reservations

Chapter 10: Telling Tales

Chapter 11: Masterful

Chapter 12: Visions

Chapter 13: Salt Water



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