Going Through the Motions

Our choices are what define us. What determine who we are and how other people see us.

Seventeen-year-old Penelope Chisholm has always chosen to be on the outside. A bit of a loner who finds her solace in running. Until she meets Gilbert Staal and decides he needs to be part of her life. Sure, it’s complicated but what relationship isn’t. She’s sure she’s found her future, but has to decide if his temper is something she can deal with.

Her twin brother, Ash, is her exact opposite. Editor of the school paper. Star pupil. Dating one of the most popular girls in school. Everything is perfect. Until he discovers that his sister is dating his new teacher.  A teacher he wants to respect but can’t. He knows he should do something about it, but decides to give Penelope the opportunity to end things on her own.

They’re both so sure their decision is the right one. Blinded by the rightness of their choice. But when Penelope ends up seriously hurt because of their choices, everyone is forced to re-evaluate the things that have lead them to where they are and figure out how to move forward with their lives.

Chapter 1: Like Melted Chocolate

Chapter 2:  Introductions

Chapter 3: Wicked Games

Chapter 4: Precious Moments

Chapter 5: Gummy Frog Confessions

Chapter 6: Friday, I’m in Love

Chapter 7: Smashed to Pieces

Chapter 8: Close to You

Chapter 9: The Beer Bottle of Shame

Chapter 10: At the Dawn

Chapter 11 :The Battle Line

Chapter 12: Hot and Steamy

Chapter 13: Feels Just Like it Should

Chapter 14: Showdown in Room 312

Chapter 15: Choice Decisions

Chapter 16: Sweet Revelations

Chapter 17: The Balance of Power

Chapter 18: This Is What You Do

Chapter 19: The Wednesday Scheme

Chapter 20: Under Pressure

Chapter 21: Everything Changes

Chapter 22: The Lies We Tell

Chapter 23: A Little Help From Your Friends

Chapter 24: Filling in the Blanks

Chapter 25: Things Fall Apart

Chapter 26: Through the Rain

Chapter 27: Whatever Gets You Through

Chapter 28: A Beginning in An End


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