The devastating end of the Cold War drove the residents of North America below ground. Bunkers meant to be temporary shelters became permanent homes. Free will was cast aside for perfection. Chemicals injected into the bloodstream designate community loyalties. Generations later, this life has become an unexpected utopia of convenience and privilege.

The students of the Ottawa community, or Oranges as they call themselves, have finally reached Placement Day. The day they are released into adulthood, placed in positions perfectly suited to their strengths. The lucky few will get the Continuance Placement. They will be part of maintaining the purity of the North American bloodlines. It is a great honour. One that goes to only the best. Everyone wants it. Everyone except Jerrica.

With their lives uprooted, Jerrica and the only friends she’s ever known are thrust into their perfect futures. Some thrive, others flounder. Jerrica is no longer a child, but she is doesn’t feel capable of making the adult decisions required of her. When forced to choose between desire and duty, she must decide if she’s still willing to buy into the perfection she’s been fed all her life or chose a passion she can’t seem to fight.

Chapter 1: Impending Doom

Chapter 2: Ceremonials

Chapter 3: Alcoves of Truth

Chapter 4: Hard Choices and Handshakes

Chapter 5: The Heat of the Moment


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